5 Steps to Begin Your Weight Loss Journey

Starting any kind of diet/lifestyle change for weight loss is hard. Who wants to willingly reduce their intake of Taco Bell and beer? After my second baby, I had lots of baby fat. This baby fat loved all the fast food, had a serious Starbucks addiction, and disliked stairs with a fiery passion. This baby fat had all the excuses to delay a serious lifestyle change…new baby, toddler, holidays, cold weather, cheesy gordita crunch with the nacho cheese shell, etc.

At the peak of my pregnancy in September 2017, I weighed 212 lbs. I wasn’t even mad that I made it over 200 lbs because it was going to look really awesome when I lost the weight afterwards. In January 2018 I weighed 184 lbs. I credit all post baby weight loss to breastfeeding (it burns a lot of calories!!!) and daily “mom” activities, like chasing your toddler, because I really went for it food wise during the holidays, dreading that the New Year would bring a weight loss resolution.

After the leftover food and beers from our new years festivities were diminished, it was time to get serious.  These are the things that I needed to change:

  • Food Relationship
  • Exercise

That’s it!

Easy right? Hahaha. Nothing was going to fill the void of the 5-10 cookies I’d sneak per day. So I started small, and this is how I jump-started my weight loss journey.

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  1. Have a goal!

    • Is your goal to lose 20 lbs or run a marathon? Is your goal to eat better or lower your BMI?
    • What is YOUR Fit Goal?


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  1. Download a food/exercise/weight loss tracking app.

    • I use a food tracking app to keep track of my daily caloric intake. With this app, a daily calorie budget is calculated for you based on your current weight/height and your future weight goal. You can input all the food you eat in a day. I like how you can scan the bar code on several food items and the app will automatically pull up the nutritional facts. The app links with certain exercise tracking apps and devices to consolidate all caloric action…subtracting burned calories from consumed. There are several apps (for free and paid) that do similar functions, find what works for you!
    • These types of apps keep you accountable for all of the food items you consume…you’ll discover it’s incredible the amount of calories we ingest and don’t even realize it!
    • Best Weight Loss Apps


  1. Purchase workout attire.

    • I HATE spending money. I also hate shopping. SO motivation to purchase new attire was not my favorite…until I had the new things. When you feel comfortable and prepared for workouts, it makes the activity better. Logic. I purchased (or received as gifts…which helps with the no spending money thing):
      1. Running shoes
      2. Running pants
      3. Workout tops
      4. Sports Bras
      5. Lightweight sweatshirts
      6. Running belt or armband
    • Beginner’s Guide to Activewear


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  1. Revamp your fridge and pantry with healthy options.

    • My overhaul included getting rid of sugary snacks and unnecessary carbs (mostly breads…like those delicious Hawaiian rolls…mmmm). I used to eat cereal bars with fruit filling for a quick breakfast, but they are sooooo sugary (which makes them yummy but bad).
    • I purchased things like fresh fruit and veggies, chicken, nuts, light string cheese.
    • 4 Steps to Revamp Your Fridge



  1. Start Exercising.

    • This is probably the most difficult, especially if you have not consistently exercised in the past.
    • In a past life, (BK: before kids), I enjoyed running for a hot minute. I personally believe it’s a great way to lose weight and relatively straightforward. It is, however, super hard to get into it. BUT from my experience, you will begin to see and feel improvement in about two weeks of consistent running (or run/walking…which is how I started out!). From there, it only becomes more exciting to achieve further and faster runs!
    • If running is not your style, start with short workout videos. You can find these on You Tube or purchase one…they are everywhere! Don’t jump into any workout program that might burn you out or discourage you from achieving your goals. Being a VERY competitive person, I have done this in the past with epic fail…I was super frustrated that I couldn’t keep up or was too sore to move the next day…which is always a good excuse to skip workouts and spiral back into old habits.
    • If it all seems too intimidating…just walk. Walking is awesome! I’m pretty sure my first “run” was 90% walking with small jogs in between. It gets the muscles moving, burns calories, and prepares the body for better workouts in the future!
    • Keep in mind, ANYTHING is better than nothing!!!


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Have you tried these steps in the past? What has worked for you?




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18 thoughts on “5 Steps to Begin Your Weight Loss Journey

  1. This is a journey I have a problem staying on, I always seem to work out for a few weeks then something happens and I put it off and put it off. I am starting up again, wish me luck!

    1. I am VERY familiar with the roller coaster ride of eating well and exercise! It’s so easy to get off track: social situations, vacation, weather…lots of things can interrupt our progress. Best of luck…and let me know how it goes!

  2. These are all great tips. I do great at the first 3 (especially the “purchase workout attire”). lol. But I get stuck at 4 & 5. I have great intentions, but it’s so hard to just get started. Thanks for sharing!

    1. YES it is SOOOO hard to get started…which is why I put it off for three months after I had my kid. It just doesn’t seem fun. And its totally not…until you start to see results…then it becomes a little bit awesome! I have a post in mind about how to get started…stay tuned!!

  3. Great post! Easier said than done with kids, right ? 😂 motivation is key! A good outfit helps too. I think your entire post sums it up well. Thank you!

    1. Yes! It is definitely a little more tricky with kids, I’m working on getting into a good groove with them and not eating their leftover mac and cheese! I’m all about the good outfit 🙂

    1. Yes food is the bane of my diet! LOL! So many delicious things! I’m working on a post with a few good recipes that are healthy…and easy…which is what I like! Good luck to you too!

  4. I seriously needed to read this today!!! I have been on a rollercoaster and have not been able to get back on the wagon, per say. Now, it’s time to take on the day!!

    1. I’m so glad it was helpful! I am VERY familiar with that roller coaster ride, and I’m super excited to start my journey OFF of it! I’m glad you’ll be joining me!!

  5. Great tips! I fairly recently got back into exercise after having my son. So far so good. I think the main thing for me was finding something I really enjoyed doing so it didn’t feel like a chore.

    1. That is so great that you got back into the swing of things! It’s so important to find something that won’t discourage you from staying on the right path…Great Job, Mama!

  6. Good luck in your journey! I’ve tried a lot of weight loss method, but after a week I feel really tired and end up not following it. For now, I’m trying the intermittent diet! Thanks for the tips!

    1. Thank you, it really is tough to make lifestyle changes! So many external factors that affect progress. Best of luck to you with your diet as well!

    1. I hear you…me too!! Feel free to join along on this journey, I’ll be posting a lot of tips that work pretty well!

    1. I think it’s one that people unintentionally overlook. Lose weight is a great goal, but the more specific the better! How much weight by when is going to be the best type of motivator!

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