What is YOUR fit Goal?

My sisters and I always get pajamas on Christmas Eve. Traditionally, we open them up, mix and match, and trade to get the patterns/colors we like the best. This past Christmas I was three months postpartum and enjoying my ride on the all-you-can-eat lazy train. There was one set of pjs a size larger than the others…and I claimed them knowing full well they were mine. Nothing makes you feel more in the Christmas spirit than being the fat sister. Same thing…everyone can mix and match…except me, because I have the fat pajamas….the fatjamas. OF COURSE the pajamas were sized larger just so I would be comfortable…but I was very uncomfortable, and drowned my sorrows in a lot of Christmas treats. Santa was lucky to have anything from our house that night.

I’m sure many of us have felt that way, and it’s terrible. But in reality, it’s not terrible that it happened. Experiences like that can really fuel a change in lifestyle! (After the holidays of course…lol!)

I guess you can say my fit goal is to get smaller pajamas at Christmas Eve next time around.

So when this New Year rolled around, I knew it was time to get serious! I have mentioned before that I was about 184 lbs. The good news is, the doctor said I “held my weight well”. LOL what does that mean?! I think it’s a compliment? But instead of hiding it well, and getting by with “hold you in” pants and shapewear, I decided to get my buns in gear and lose the lbs…get those smaller pjs!

A long term fit goal is instrumental in fitness quests! If there is no prize, what are you supposed to keep your eye on? Successful businesses always have a mission statement. A common objective of the employees to work towards and collaboratively build their company. If they didn’t have a goal, why would people be working there? Same applies to life…whether it’s in work, or raising your kids, or going to the grocery store.

Work: I want to run the company, Kids: keep them alive (and make them good people if they survive), Grocery Store: I want to eat.

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The Color Run


What is YOUR fit goal?

Buuuuut the end of the year is sooooo far away. I’ve got time…

THIS is why you ALSO need short term fit goals throughout the year to keep you going! I don’t necessarily have “weight” goals my milestones, but each event is a good reason to run that extra mile or skip that piece of cake. I’ve already mapped out a few checkpoints throughout the year to keep me going, mine are as follows:

  • Look good for my birthday in March. Another year older may not feel good, but my body should feel better than it did a few months ago.
  • Wear that fancy dress for the April wedding in Napa…first kid free getaway in a LOOOOONG time!
  • Run a marathon relay with my friends in May. My leg of the relay is four miles, I would like to run it in under an hour. Don’t let the team down and embarrass myself!
  • Look not gross in that NEW swimsuit for my dad’s retirement trip to Mexico in June.
  • Sorority pledge class reunion in July…make it look like ten years hasn’t passed!

You get the point…also I don’t have more short term fit goals after July. So I need to think of some to keep me motivated!! What keeps you motivated?



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14 thoughts on “What is YOUR fit Goal?

    1. That is a wonderful goal…and one I need to add to my list! Wouldn’t it be great to have that much energy all the time?!

  1. Great advice! I definitely understand the feeling that if my goal is so far away, I have time to get to it :). My goal is usually about looking good in a swimsuit. It seems like every year I get to March or April and think, “Oh gosh! Now I don’t have time to get to it!!” Maybe setting smaller goals along the way will help!

    1. Swimsuits are such good motivation! I’m usually in the same boat, thinking it’s too late when the spring time rolls around. So I recently got a new one for the summer in preparation…sometimes picturing it makes me skip that donut!

    1. That’s AWESOME!! It’s such an amazing feeling when you reach your goals…keep up the good work! Let me know what you’ve been doing, I’d love to hear!

  2. I too, remove my love handles hahaha! I am so happy that I am not the only one struggling! We all can do it!

  3. I am working on reaching some short term fitness goals of my own! My main goal, however, is to just feel better over all. I used to really obsess over the numbers, but I have gotten A LOT better about it. I also didn’t realize just how truly beneficial it was to HAVE goals! Awesome post!

    1. I think that is the BEST goal. Feeling better will improve EVERY aspect of your life. It is definitely on my list. I’m still bad about obsessing over the numbers, but it’s really just about how you FEEL! Good luck with your goals!!

  4. This is great! For me, it’s been taking it step by step and making a goal for today. IE- today, I’ll run three miles and lift for 20 minutes. Tomorrow, since I have to work all day, I’ll bring my own super foods for lunch. The next day, I’ll do laps during the kid’s soccer practice. I find that if I make my goals short-term, I’m more likely to build on them and succeed!

    1. Awesome!! You’re making your healthy lifestyle work with a job, kids, and their activities…goals for the day are perfect for balancing a such a busy schedule! That’s inspiring!

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