Beginner’s Guide to Activewear

Activewear might be one of my favorite things to write about! It seems kind of counter-intuitive because I hate shopping and I hate spending money, BUT when I spend money on the PERFECT thing, I get super jazzed!


Just like 95% of moms out there*, I love me some activewear. I usually wear it all day…you never know when you’ll need to break into a sprint after your toddler or run those poop covered clothes to the laundry room.


But what is actually funny about wearing active wear all the time is that I probably do end up being more active because I feel comfortable and ready to move/run/roll around on the ground/hunt imaginary zombies…you name it!




Below is a list of activewear items I think are important to have for a successful and comfortable workout. Clicking on a product will take you to Amazon, you can browse the items I like or find ones that will fit your active lifestyle:

**Disclosure: Some of the links below are affiliate links, meaning, at no additional cost to you, I will earn a commission if you click through and make a purchase.**




Running Shoes

  • I asked for some running shoes for Christmas in anticipation for getting fit, and I got these really great Nikes. I like that they are fitted, lightweight, and supportive.
  • Your shoes definitely don’t need to be Nikes! I’ve had some awesome Asics and Adidas with the same features. (I actually just found out that I still have my old Adidas them…because I am a hoarder. They are about a million years old…but we have been through a lot together.)
  • Even if you aren’t specifically running, lightweight shoes will prevent you from feeling sluggish or slow.
  • Shoe support is key for preventing injuries during activities. Make you have the right support for your body. Some shoe retailers will analyze the way you walk/run and recommend a good fitting shoe! Do this!
  • Get a shoe that fits like a glove. Super distracting if your shoe is too big, and can be painful if it’s too small.




Workout Pants/Capris/Shorts

  • I like running in pants that are tight and go up to my waist or underboob. Keeps my fat from jiggling around and blowing in the wind…slows me down. It seems like no problem to find the right thing…but I have searched all the land, and some are AMAZING and some are no good!
  • I try to find pants that will NOT roll down or slouch down. Why is this so hard to find?! Well I think one thing I get hung up on is size. I recommend sizing down a lot of the time. Utilize the compression!
  • Look for the right material. I have some pants that are like a wetsuit. They look really great on at first and then slide down my body because it’s slippery! I have some that were super soft when I bought them, but pill like crazy (especially in the non-thigh gap).
  • They don’t need to be pricey…Walmart and Amazon have a good selection at affordable prices!




Workout tops

  • I used to just wear t shirts to work out because I already have them. But the more aggressive I got with my workouts, the more damp my t-shirts became. I recommend a moisture wicking and fast drying material!
  • Depending on the day I like tight compression tops, but more often I like them a little bit loose. I feel like the dry more quickly and nobody has to stare at the muffin top.
  • I love workout tops from Walmart, cuz that’s how I roll. The price is right. I’ve also gotten some from Amazon, cuz that’s how I roll as well.



Sports Bras

  • Gotta keep the ladies high and tight is my motto. And it’s hilarious because I am in desperate need of some new sports bras. You know when the elastic gets all crunchy, and it sounds like you’re breaking its bones when you put it on? Yea…time for some new sports bras. That’s me right now. I need to take my own advice.
  • I have a nursing sports bra that I use on the occasion, it’s convenient!




Lightwight Sweater

  • I went back and forth about posting that you should get a lightweight sweater/long sleeve shirt to put over your workout tops…but then I thought to myself, “which activewear item do I use the most?” aaaaaand this is it!
  • A pull over is something to put on after you work out so you don’t cool down too quickly…especially if your workout ends more abruptly than expected (with little ones around, this happens a bit!)
  • It also it a quick workout shirt cover up before you have a chance to change/shower.
  • My favorites have front pocket so you can store snacks/pacis/kazoos…whatever you need to make your kid happy…or your phone.




Running Belt/Armband

  • I love my running belt so I don’t have to run with my phone in my hand or precariously in my pocket. It’s like a sleek version of a fanny pack, you can put your phone/keys/ID/credit cards/cash money/other small things. You can go all intense and get one that packs waterbottles if that’s your style.
  • Armbands work similarly…but go on your arm and are less fanny pack-esque. Pretty straightforward!
  • You could really wear these all day if you liked just having your hands free to juggle the kids and the rest of life!



Feel good while you work hard to look good!!! Get that activewear! Keep it HIGH AND TIGHT!

If you’ve been working out for awhile or are a seasoned fitness pro, let me know what your favorite products are!

*not a real statistic

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16 thoughts on “Beginner’s Guide to Activewear

  1. I enjoy wearing active wear clothing as well. Well right, I just enjoy being able to get out of my pjs. 7 weeks postpartum and my goal is to just get dressed and showered. Small goals for now.

    1. 7 weeks pp and you’re out of your pjs…AMAZING!! Sometimes I still don’t get out of mine…or shower! Small goals EXACTLY, I have another post about that too 😉 Congrats on your new little one!!!

  2. I love wearing active wear as well. Of course being almost 30 weeks pregnant, it’s mostlh leggings and whatever shirt can cover my already big belly. Lol
    Great list of items!!

    1. Activewear is KEY during pregnancy! 30 weeks…Hooray!! Congratulations on your pregnancy, and let me know if you utilize the activewear as much as I do postpartum!

  3. This is a great read for women who just need a little push. Dressing up in anything other then our pj’s can be hard sometimes with a child running around and a million things to do around the house but this is a good solution , Active wear at its finest. From running errands or working out.

    1. Thank you, I hope it can push people in the right direction, too! You’re right, it is a lifesaver when doing things around the house…nobody wants to be cleaning in their slacks! It’s an easy transition out the door to do errands as well…so multi-functional!

    1. I love the video too!! Activewear is pretty cute now, I definitely shop for activewear in my activewear!

  4. Love this list! Being a crazy active mom I unfortunately wear active wear way too much! My husband often asks when am I going to put on real clothes?

    1. LOL! I usually tell my husband that “this is as good as it’s going to get today” before he asks me if I’m going to wear real clothes…they would wear it too if they were in our shoes!

  5. Sports bras are my JAM! I sometimes wear them even if I’m not working out because: kids. Great post and super informative.

    1. Oh I love me a good sports bra, and it was a little ridiculous that I was writing about how much I loved them when I was in desperate need of new ones! Luckily I got some for my birthday…but I’m kinda not feeling the ones with removable cups. What are your favorites?

  6. This is great. I cannot stress enough how important it is for the right shoes!!! I made that mistake once and totally regretted it.

    1. They really do!! It can really mess up your workout routine if you injure your feet wearing the wrong thing…great point!!

  7. This was super informative for me lol. Currently, starting to get back in the gym and be more active.

    I’m breastfeeding and I never knew they made nursing sports bras!! Definitely looking into purchasing one.

    The running belt is also new! I wouldn’t have thought to use one almost like a purse! Great article 🙂

    1. I’m glad it was helpful! For me it was tough getting back into it after baby, but these things definitely made it a little easier! Good luck to you going back to the gym and being active!

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