4 Steps to Revamp Your Fridge

Two years ago we moved from downtown Denver to the suburbs of Parker, Colorado. In Denver I loved my little house, I loved the location, I LOVED the options for food delivery. In Parker I love the square footage, I love the views, I HAAAAAATE that nobody delivers.

What’s a girl to do when she can’t just open the door to a hearty meal?

I figured I would just learn to cook, but how are you supposed to do that with a little one? And then another little one? Also I don’t exactly enjoy cooking…probably because I don’t know what I’m doing and I stress about how it’s going to turn out. Stress = no fun.

Plan B dinner options: Lots of pre-made meals, processed food, and take out.

Plan B is easy…which I like! Stouffer’s lasagna is bomb, but unfortunately it will explode your waistline when consumed a few nights a week. Oops! Other things I purchased…hot dogs, frozen potstickers, sloppy joes, spaghetti, chips, rice, etc… Quick and easy, lots of calories, lots of carbs = lots of cottage cheese in my legs!

So when it came time to get serious about losing weight, I had to make some changes in my fridge/pantry/freezer. Here are some easy steps I took to give my food storage a makeover.


  1. Remove all sugary treats.

    • Candy, cookies, cereal bars disguised as healthy…pretty much anything that makes you super happy. Just kidding…kinda. Constant access to these things will be detrimental to your health goals, so removing the opportunity to indulge is way better than the regret of ruining your progress.
    • This one is tough with kids…they are bringing in the goods all the time from birthdays and holidays. My advice is to have a specific place for the candy, and keep it out of sight (best for you and the kids!!). Out of sight, out of mind…right?! I usually bust it out for them for special occasions and bribing.



  1. Remove items heavy on the carbohydrates.

    • Carbs are basically organic compounds in foods that break down to sugar in your body. Sugar is what we try to avoid to get skinny, so it makes sense that you need to watch your carbs as well. Breads and pastas are loaded with carbs!
    • Carbs are still very important for supplying energy to the body! A healthy range is 50 – 150 grams per day for a low carb diet. Some popular diets have different rules about carbs, do what works for you!



  1. Purchase fresh fruits and veggies.

    • Fruits are great! Just be mindful that they are higher in sugars (unprocessed sugars, but still sugars). Purchase fruits that will be better for you. Good Choices include items that have higher fiber and more water content:
      • Berries
      • Grapefruit
      • Apples
      • Peaches
      • Nectarines
      • Plums
      • Watermelon
    • Veggies are the worst. Just kidding…but seriously. Some that I hate less:
      • Mini Sweet Peppers
      • Broccoli
      • Carrots
      • Cucumber
      • Snap Peas
    • These things I can eat with hummus or light ranch dressing or even cheese, which makes them less icky. I’ve actually come to like stand-alone mini peppers. Who woulda thought?! I usually eat the broccoli broiled with light olive oil and garlic salt…which probably makes it not healthy anymore, but it feels better because it’s a veggie.
    • Dried fruit and veggie chips are a good snack…but be careful of sugars and salts! They are better alternatives than potato chips and fruit snacks.



  1. Get Protein!

    • Protein is essential for a healthy diet! It builds and repairs tissues…and an integral component of hair and nails! Get protein! Legumes, nuts, eggs, tofu, meat…all good options (unless you’re a vegetarian, then just skip the meat ;))
    • I purchase a large amount of fresh chicken. During the week I will just use different marinades on it and bake it (375° for 35 mins). I’ll pair it with a salad. Easy! My loved ones may or may not be over the chicken…but there are a lot of options with marinades that can change it up.
    • I found a healthy frozen seasoned salmon…unthaw and bake per instructions.
    • I also found a packaged season pork loin that I throw in the mix. It’s probably less healthy than the leading options, but it’s easy to cook, delicious, and high in protein…that’s what I need.
    • Cheese is a good option for snacks, just get low fat. Low carbs, decent protein.
    • Yogurt! I usually go Greek…higher protein! Watch for sugars and carbs especially with the flavored ones.



Some side notes:
  • Coffee is not bad for you. Sugar/Creamer is bad for you. This is one thing I have not yet sacrificed. I enjoy my SUPER sugary creamer when my kids are up at the crack of dawn. I may reconsider during my journey, but I keep this indulgence. (If anyone has any advice on a healthier (but still kind of delicious) way to prepare coffee…let me know!)
  • I use a lot of bagged salads for sides, but I recently found out that the ones I really like have a LOT of sugar in the dressing. I’ll likely be looking for alternatives in the future…but I really like how easy they are to whip up.
  • I still purchase things like mac and cheese and meatballs for my littles. The HARDEST part is to not finish their food when they decide to be picky (unless they have already touched it with their grubby little hands). Sometimes I steal bites because that stuff is good…TRY TRY TRY not to! One bite usually becomes like four…teen. And don’t be hiding in the pantry eating their yogurt melts. Actually their yogurt melts are not that bad for you…but you know what I mean! Additionally, you can revamp their food to line up with your new food ideals as well…and hopefully they will eat it. Fingers crossed!!


Tell me some of your favorite healthy foods and recipes! I’m always on the lookout for EASY and HEALTHY! Any ideas for kid friendly food?

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10 thoughts on “4 Steps to Revamp Your Fridge

  1. I love fresh fruits and make sure that Bean and I each have some in our lunch bags everyday, but they spoil so quickly. I would love to limit grocery shopping to once (ideal) or twice a month, but I’m thinking I have to shop for fruits at least weekly. Any advice?

    1. That is the one thing I dislike most about fresh produce, it spoils…and then you have to toss it! I have such bad luck with blueberries, but I recently read that if you wash your berries (and even greens) ten parts water/one part white vinegar it will make them last a little longer by preventing mold. Plastic wrap around the stems of your bananas will preserve them a little longer. Also refrigerated fruits like it where its most cool and where the temperature doesn’t fluctuate as much. Apples rock because I fee like they last longer. Hope that helps, I know the struggle is real!

  2. Great blog! Fresh veggies and protein all the way! A healthy lifestyle is a must. Thanks for sharing ♥️ ♥️ By any chance you are interested on doing collaborations, you can check out the collaborations portal of Phlanx.com and connect with amazing brands!


  3. Haha! I enjoyed reading your honest thoughts about food 😉 I have sweet tooth so I better start do something with our fridge! Great tips!

    1. Thank you for reading! I wish there was a dentist who specialized in removing the sweet tooth…it’s a serious problem in our house, too ;)! Baby steps help, and replacing those sweets with something that is still yummy but healthier!

  4. These are awesome ideas, especially just tossing all the temptation out! We keep a giant bowl of fresh fruit on the table so we’re more inclined to reach for that before a treat.

    1. I’m glad it is helpful! These things have been great for my family to get out of some bad food habits and get into some good ones!

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