It’s My Party, I’ll DIET if I want to!

Healthy Lifestyle Suggestions for Socials

Tomorrow we are having a birthday party for my toddler…which means it’s really MY party because he probably won’t remember it. I’ve scoured Pinterest for the cutest of ideas, and stumbled upon a pancake and pajama theme! What could be better than wearing your pajamas while enjoying a spread of donuts, waffles, muffins, and of course PANCAKES?! Mimosas…that’s what! So how do you surround yourself with a feast of kings WITHOUT ruining your healthy lifestyle progress? I’m going to lay down a few tips to enjoy your party and stick to your weight loss journey goals!

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Pre-Party Workout

Try to get a little run, weights, walk, ab workout, yoga, etc. in before the festivities start. Getting in your workout will not only burn the calories you may consume later, but it will fuel your body for activity during the day! Of course, I scheduled my party for the morning…so I may have to get up a little earlier to get my workout done…or maybe I’ll just clean really hard (that is actually a pretty good workout)!


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Drink Water

Water certainly comes up a lot in “tips” for weight loss…because it’s really awesome. A lot of times your body will tell you it’s hungry when it’s ACTUALLY thirsty. Drinking water can help you feel fuller which will help moderate your food intake. It not only revitalizes your body and mind, it has ZERO calories! Try it on the rocks…it’s pretty delicious.


No Loitering

Everyone knows that the party is usually in the kitchen. Make an effort to socialize with your guests at least an arm’s length away from the food. Cornell University did a study, HERE, on food portion sizes versus consumption. Participants were given soup, half ate from a normal bowl and half ate from a bowl that self-refilled slowly (without the participants knowledge). Those who ate from the self-filling bowl consumed 73% MORE soup than those without…and didn’t even realize they were eating so much. They just ate it because the soup was THERE. I catch myself doing the same thing…especially at parties when a plethora of food is there for the taking! The moral of the story is try not to hang out by the food!



Make Snackrifices

Unless you’ve got iron will power, it’s going to be hard to avoid the yummy stuff. That’s when I make snackrifices. This is taking that mini donut and only eating half. Eating small samples will give you the joy of participating in the banquet without the repercussions of binging on junk. (I WISH it tasted like junk…) USA, LLC


Track Your Food

Remember that food tracking app I mentioned HERE? Keep track of what you are putting in your body! It really makes you think twice about going back for seconds!



Obviously you are going to interact with your fellow party-goers, but it’s hard to shovel in the carbs when you’re chatting it up! Go ahead and talk about your weight loss quest…which will also keep you accountable to your goals. It’s better to build your relationship with people than food anyways!



Have Fun

A healthy lifestyle and having fun can go hand in hand. Don’t be too caught up with your weight loss journey that you forget to have a good time! A pancake is not going to be a big deal in the long run (you can always burn it off…in a long run ;)), celebrating with your family and friends is what matters the most!


How do you manage your healthy lifestyle in social situations?


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22 thoughts on “It’s My Party, I’ll DIET if I want to!

  1. I had a laugh at the “No loitering” because that’s so me! I totally agree when you say staying away far far away from food is the best thing one can do, especially in a place surrounded by food. Fantastic read:)

    1. I’m glad you got a chuckle, I am totally that person too…and it’s REALLY hard when you’re the one putting out the food…why not sample ALL of it!?! Going to try my best for tomorrow, thanks for reading 🙂

  2. These are great tips for staying healthy at a social gathering! I think the biggest one I still struggle with is drinking water, but I’m working on it steadily!

    1. I do to, I’m sooo bad at it! I’ll have to post about a few tips to help us both out! Let me know if you have any!

    1. Thank you, I’m glad it’s helpful! I definitely need a game plan going into a serious food situations or all bets are off!

  3. Wow! Great post! Planning ahead can really help. I think its great to be so careful and focused on your diet plans! I’m one of those that once I blow it, all bets are off. So a good plan is pivotal.

    1. Thank you! I agree with planning ahead, even if it doesn’t work out 100%, it’s good to be mindful of what you’re doing. I’m that person, too, when the day is blown I have a hard time coming back!

  4. I have a party tomorrow and these tips were real and much appreciated! I can relate to the loitering and will definitely remember not to do it; thanks to you ❤️ Great insight – thank you!

    1. It is so hard not to hang out around the food, because I think most people just do!! It’s one my favorite spots 😉

  5. I love these tips! Tracking your food on days like these is truly an eye opener! You definitely make me keep I can have a very small piece of cake and eat it too! Family and friends are definitely what matters most!

    1. It really is an eye opener to track food! I try to fill up on healthier stuff, and then treat myself to a few small sweet things. Key word “try”…definitely having fun with everyone matters the most 🙂

    1. This totally ended up happening to me! Time flies when you’re trying to coordinate a party! I kind of lucked out that the donuts were gone by the time I got there!

  6. Thank you for the great tips! I would definitely be the one who ate way too much soup! It so hard to stop eating when you don’t like to waste but there isn’t enough to take home 🤦‍♀️. I will definitely be using these tips on my next social outing.

    1. I know the feeling, too, I HATE to waste food…especially when it’s good! Now I try to justify saving the little bits…maybe my kid will eat it as a snack later…or maybe I will learn how to compost so I don’t feel wasteful!

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