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After maternity leave with my son, I went back to my engineering job…for two weeks. I never thought I was the type of person who wanted to stay home, but it was all I could think about when I was at work. I was so stressed out that I was missing some important baby milestone, and I maybe even cried a little (or a lot). So after some serious discussions with my husband, we decided I would quit my job and become a full time Mama.

My husband is 100% supportive of me staying with the kids and we are blessed that he has a wonderful job to support our family. However, I always have this internal guilt for not contributing to our finances. At the time, I was running or walking pretty much every day with the stroller…was there anything I could to make money exercising while I was out with the stroller?

The answer is YES! Below is a compilation of a few things you can do to earn some extra money exercising…with the kids!

**Disclosure: Some of the links below are affiliate links meaning, at no additional cost to you, I may earn a commission if you click through and make a purchase.**


Dog Walker


Many working people can’t get home during the day to let their dogs out and get them some exercise, which is where dog walkers come in handy. Apps like Rover will allow dog owners to search and request dog walkers to give their pooch a workout on specified dates and times. You are in control of your rates and availability…and flexibility is key when you’re bringing your kids along for the walk!

I walk doggies! It’s a great way to get outside with the kids, interact with cute pups, and get paid to walk or run for 30 minutes! I currently walk five dogs during the week, all at different times that work with my crazy baby/toddler schedule. I generally make about $100 per week. Not too shabby…check it out here!

And check out some of the cuties we walk…







*Also if you want to try Rover for YOUR dog, first time users can get $20 off of a dog walking service with promo code Lawdog2020.


Betting On Yourself


There are quite a few programs out there now that you can WIN money if you lose a certain amount of weight. As motivation to drop the pounds, you to put money towards your goals as incentive. If you reach your specific goal, you win your money back PLUS a percentage depending on your initial investment. These programs like, Healthywage, can be an individual effort to achieve a weight loss goal or a team challenge with others to drop the pounds for cash. This is great with kids because all you have to do is keep a healthy lifestyle…PERFECT!

According to a recent Mayo Clinic study on weight loss, participants who received cash incentives were more likely to stick with the weight-loss program. Participants also lost more weight than participants who received no incentives. Find your incentive when you bet on your weight loss with a HealthyWager from HealthyWage!

I WISH I would have done Healthywage at the beginning of my weight loss journey…the payout would have been extra awesome! So my advice to you: Don’t Wait!





Stroller Workout Instructor


Have you ever been to the park and seen all those moms/dads grouped around with strollers in their activewear listening to some person barking orders at them to do all these fitness moves? You could be that person barking orders! Leading a stroller fitness class is a GREAT way to get exercise and get paid! There are several franchise programs that you can join and lead like FIT4MOM Stroller Strides or Baby Boot Camp.  If you’re more of an entrepreneur, you could create your own class! All you need is a stroller, megaphone, and activewear…maybe a sweet boombox…and a baby…




Beachbody Coach


Earn an income while you get fit and help others do the same! Coaches purchase access to fitness, nutritional, and support tools to recruit others to join the Beachbody team. As a Beachbody coach, you can earn up to $90 for every Beachbody Challenge Pack you sell and a 25% commission on all of your other retail sales. If you choose to build a network of Coaches below you, you can earn even more! This is a great option with kids because you dictate your own schedule and work load…a MUST with littles!






Do you have an alternative way to make money while working out with kids? Let me know!


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    1. It’s so tough not to feel guilty…and word on the street is that staying at home with kids is comparable to working 2.5 jobs! It would be great to get paid to just be a Mom!

  1. What great ideas! I never thought I would be a stay at home mama and am now on year nine! Love it, but there are definitely times I would like to be at work. 😉

    1. Isn’t it funny how a baby can change your mind about going back to work?! I totally hear you about going back to work sometimes…my exercise side gigs help keep my sanity at times 😉

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