Vacation FAIL: Lessons Learned from a Healthy Lifestyle Hiatus

I just got back from vacation…and it…was…awesome! Napa, No Kids, Wedding, Wine…sounds pretty successful to me! Vacations are a wonderful opportunity to relax, spend time with loved ones, and have fun…YOLO!

I knew I was kind of putting my healthy lifestyle to the wayside for a few days, but in reality I was trampling all over it on horseback through a vineyard. I didn’t realize until I got home and felt ICKY! Not just the icky you feel from flying on a plane, but how you feel when you have been gorging yourself over the last 36 hours. Bloated, heavy, tired, blah…just a few words to describe how I felt.

This is when I began to reflect on my choices during my trip, was there anything I could have changed to have the MAXIMUM amount of fun with MINIMAL repercussions?

Ahhh I think I feel a list coming on…

Below are a few lessons learned from my trip about having an amazing time without sacrificing the progress of your healthy lifestyle!

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Don’t Eat Just to Eat

This is tricky on a trip, but definitely manageable. I remember specifically my breakfast downfall on Saturday morning. It’s your standard cheap hotel breakfast buffet. I’m like…oooh buffet. I’m looking at the sausage and eggs like…eww kinda. But THEN I get the magical idea to make a breakfast sandwich with the bagel and eggs and sausage. If you can’t SEE the sausage and eggs then it’s not so bad. Then I ate it. And it wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t really that good. I ate it anyways. Nooooooo! Then I ate a yogurt, too…and maybe a Danish…because…buffet.

ANOTHER example was at the wedding. The wedding was absolutely GORGEOUS and PERFECT! The venue was beautiful, the couple was beautiful, and the food was beautiful. The cake was extravagant, and had some fun flavors. However, I’m guessing it was made mostly for looks because it was good, but not out of this world…and maybe a bit dry. Don’t worry though, I ate my entire giant piece. Looking back, a few bites would have been just fine!



Lessons Learned: Don’t eat just to eat. Think about ALL of the options (maybe oatmeal/English muffin/yogurt) and go with the best ones. If it’s not great, don’t eat it…you can use calories on something better!


Sharing is Caring

Sharing is a great way to save money AND calories. Restaurant portions these days are so big that usually you can share with a friend/family member and still feel full. We went to a fun saloon one night for dinner. Of course I got a delicious saloon burger with avocados…because those are healthy. LOL! It was A LOT of food! I got uncomfortably full, and it all could have been avoided with a little sharing!

Additionally (if you are 21), when you tour wineries, tastings can be about $40 for approximately 4 glasses of 2-3oz of wine. If you’re like me, heaven forbid you spit any of that precious wine out! It isn’t much wine, BUT if you share a tasting it is half the cost and half the calories!




Lessons Learned: By sharing you’re controlling your portions and consuming less! It’s not as tempting to eat a full burger when you only have a half in front of you!


Drink Water

Here’s this tip creeping up in the list again. I bought a new water bottle to bring on the trip. I had all of these awesome plans to drink water, especially when wine was involved, and I proceeded to leave my water bottle in the room the WHOLE time. Yep, my cute little pink water bottle missed out on all the fun. I made a valiant effort to drink glasses of water where I went…but it is IMMENSELY easier to consume the appropriate amount of water when you bring your own.

As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, water can help you feel full and awake. It has ZERO calories and can give you a boost of energy for your fun filled vacation schedule.



Lessons Learned: Make your water bottle your BFF and bring it everywhere.  It’s always better to be prepared when you could face small water cups, lack of water re-filling service, and no water availability!


Be A Little Active

My expectations for working out were low, and I decided I wasn’t going to feel bad about it. That is ok, vacations are generally for relaxing. What I didn’t realize is that I was going to feel bad about it regardless. We did a bit of walking, and a bit of dancing…so I felt pretty good about that. I would have loved to get a little tiny bit more activity in there just so I didn’t feel like such a bum when I got back home.




Lessons Learned: I wish I would have planned just a tad more and incorporated something a little more active! They have great bike tours in Napa…or vineyard walking tours…or just a short run before the wedding activities would have sufficed! A small shuffle in the schedule can accommodate activity and leave that guilt behind!

Overall, I had a wonderful vacation…but I’ll remember my lessons learned for the next trip. However, the most IMPORTANT part of any vacation is to have fun and enjoy yourself!

Do you have any lessons learned from your trips?



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26 thoughts on “Vacation FAIL: Lessons Learned from a Healthy Lifestyle Hiatus

  1. I love the don’t eat just to eat part. I am guilty of this. Eating because I am bored, eating because it’s “there”, eating because everyone else is eating. I went on vacation once and everyone wanted to go to this seafood place that had all you can eat crab legs. I love crab legs but I really didn’t WANT that. I wanted to try something else and I wasn’t really THAT hungry. Everyone else paid for the buffet of all you can eat crab and I did too and regretted it by the end of the night!

    1. Exactly! I don’t know many who aren’t guilty of this from time to time…and I would have been right there with you on the crab legs for sure! Lessons learned, hopefully we won’t be as guilty in the future!!

  2. I love the don’t just eat to eat part. One of my biggest challenges when visiting my husbands big, southern family is keeping myself from overeating. My husband is a big guy from a family of taller, bigger people who love their good ol’ fashioned southern cooking. At 5’2″, if I even tried to keep up with them I’d make myself sick!

    1. Oh man! That struggle is for real…good southern cooking…YUM!! That would be a challenge for me, too. Hopefully you can apply some of these tips for your next visit…although it is always a little different when you have FAMILY cooking for you! Best of luck!

  3. I also tend to eat just to eat when I’m out with people/on vacation. And eat to the point of discomfort. Which is SO dumb, but it’s something that I wind up doing without really thinking about it. Thankfully, it’s not often. But remembering to be mindful of it is huge!

    1. Yep, I’m there for sure! Eating is such a social part of any vacation…and why not just eat it all?! Trying to be mindful beforehand may be the key, hopefully this will help in the future!

  4. Lol I definite eat to just eat on my vacations! They don’t come by too often so like you said YOLO lol. But these are great tips especially sharing is caring. A lot of the meals at restaurants are huge portions these days. Thanks for sharing!!

    1. Yea, I think sharing is huge! I used to make fun of my mom for doing it all the time…but she is TOTALLY onto something. Moms are always right 😉

    1. I hear you, I’m breastfeeding right now, too! I’ve been trying so hard to drink enough water…it’s tough (especially looking after other little ones)!

    1. Exactly! Buffets are like “free” food…lol! Maybe the water will help me for next time 😉

    1. It is totally entertaining, LOL! I have to try to be better about it, it’s just so easy to enjoy all the food 😉

  5. Great tips!! I’ll share my dinner but not my wine 😂. Love this! Hope you got to feeling back to normal quickly!

    1. Haha! Don’t get me wrong, I’ll share my tastings, but not my real glasses of wine…lol! I’m definitely feeling back to normal after getting back on track!

  6. I agree that the second I give up with healthy eating, even if only for a couple days, I feel so awful. Just all icky on the inside. Although, vacation is all about just enjoying yourself and that is what actually matters!

    1. Yes! First and foremost ENJOY your vacation! Healthy food is always there when you get back 😉

  7. Awesome tips! I’ve done the trips where I eat all the things and end up feeling awful. So important to balance things to maximize your vacay time!

    1. Thank you, I’m so glad you found them helpful! You’re right, balance is so important…maximizing the food/fun/relaxation is ideal!

  8. We learnt that lesson of don’t eat just to eat on our first all-inclusive holiday several years ago and never forgot it. The temptation is always there though.

    1. Oh my gosh, I’m doing an all inclusive in June…I’m so nervous about overdoing it, all the fooooood!! Better to go into it prepared to exercise some self control…and maybe exercise a little on the trip 😉

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