Dental Hyginx: Booty Workout While Brushing Teeth

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I just found a con of running. I ran my butt off. Literally, I ran my butt off. I have no butt! I used to have a butt, and now I do not! I’m like a disappearing butt magician (the secret to my trick is that I ran it off). My butt is with The Wind, because it is Gone. My butt crashed on an island where time is weird and you have to press a button to keep it from exploding…because it is Lost. Ok…I’ll stop. One more! My butt must have committed some crimes…because it is WANTED!


BUTT seriously (pun intended!) I have never encountered this problem before! I’m super jazzed to announce I’m 34 lbs down, but I’m pretty sure 10 lbs of that came from my butt.


This is such a good reminder that it’s important to pay attention to your whole body, how you’re working it (or not working it), and how YOU want it to be. My advice…if you want a smaller booty then running seems to be a good way to work it off. If you WANT a booty, then build up those buns with a glute building workout.


AWWW MAAAAN. I don’t have time for ANOTHER workout.


Solution: Incorporate your workout into a daily activity!


I was brushing my teeth. Standing. Brushing. I have Sonicare toothbrush, so it just does all the action and I move it around my mouth occasionally. So easy. I was standing there, looking at the air under my lower back where my butt used to be. I thought, “I wonder if there are any standing glute exercises I can do while I brush my teeth.”


Then I did some research.


YES! You can do a gluteus maximus workout WHILE you are brushing your teeth. Here is one stone…go ahead and throw it at those two birds.*




Full Leg Contraction

Start in a wide squat. Push off the ball of your right foot, contract the muscles your entire leg and buns. Hold for four seconds. Repeat on the left side. Try five times each leg!


Glute Squeeze

Begin by standing with your legs shoulder width apart. Squeeze your glutes as tightly as you can for four seconds. Repeat 10 times.


Hamstring Curl

Lift your right foot toward your booty for a hamstring curl. Hold for four seconds. Repeat on the left side. Try five reps each leg!


Standing Abduction

With your legs shoulder-width apart, lift your right leg behind you at a 45-degree angle about six inches off the floor and point your toe. Tighten your glutes for four seconds. Repeat on the left side. Try five reps each leg!


Standing Adduction

Starting with feet shoulder-width apart, raise your right leg outwards to a 45-degree angle. Cross it in front of your body and point your toe. Hold for four seconds. Repeat on the left side. Try five reps here, too!


If you really want to feel the burn, repeat the routine two times…or three!


****ALSO, just so we are clear, BE SUPER CAREFUL! Don’t get all crazy with your glutes and choke on your toothbrush!****


I’ve just started this search for booty, want to join me?! We will have the cleanest of teeth and the fittest of buns in all the land! (I realize this probably takes longer than it does to brush your teeth…maybe throw in some flossing too ;))


Do you have a booty workout that works for you? Have you ever worked off a whole part of your body without realizing it?! I hope it’s not just me…

*don’t kill birds




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31 thoughts on “Dental Hyginx: Booty Workout While Brushing Teeth

  1. Lmao hilarious the way you described your butt! Such a fun read! I can relate, after having my second child my bum has totally disappeared! Thanks for the handy tips.

    1. I’m so glad you enjoyed it, I was cracking myself up writing it 😉 Isn’t it crazy what having kids can do to your body? Hopefully these tips will help! Let me know how it goes!

  2. I seriously love your personality in your post. Makes for a fun and easy read. I’m a horrible multi-tasker but I think I can handle your suggestion. This has opened my eyes to other simple things I could do.

    1. Lol, thank you…I got real fired up when I couldn’t find my butt! Multi-tasking can be tough, but can definitely be a time saver if you can make it work!

  3. “Don’t get all crazy with your glutes” 😂😂😂 This was such a fun read and the diagram is perfect for my bathroom wall. You know, in case I get too wild and drop my phone in the toilet while searching for the booty!

    1. LOL! YES! Definitely don’t drop your phone in the toilet while you’re dropping it like its hot!

    1. Thank you! I’m so happy you found it helpful, I love to get more things done at one time…I’m glad you like to do the same!!

    1. Yep, you gotta have a disclaimer now in days for sure! LOL! Exactly, doing two things at once is a definite time saver!

    1. Thank you, I’m glad you enjoyed it! It definitely feels like you are getting more done by multi-tasking!

  4. Too funny! I like to do squats And deadlifts for my bootywork! I bet you could do those too while brushing your teeth!! 😂

    1. Heck yes you could do those while you brush your teeth…you may just need a bigger toothbrush, LOL!!

    1. I’m glad you found it funny 🙂 It’s kinda funny to do both at the same time, but a great way to get two things done at once!

  5. Thank you for this! I recently started working out more and I find it hard to always find time for it. This is a productive way to not miss a workout!

    1. It is SO hard to find time for working out…I’m glad this is a helpful time saver!

  6. While informative, this was also hilarious! I can’t wait to make my boyfriend do this with me tonight 😀

    1. I’m glad you got a kick out of it!! Such a great idea to make your significant other do this with you…accountability AND nice buns!!

    1. I appreciate it! Yes, definitely give it a whirl…your glutes AND gums will thank you!!

  7. Hahah you are hilarious!! Such a great idea though! Why just stand there and brush your teeth, when you can get a good booty workout in! Haha🤣

    1. Think of how much time we’ve wasted just standing there brushing our teeth, LOL! Thank you, I’m glad you’re on board with the idea!!

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