Motivational Workout Inspiration: Incentive to Exercise

Motivation. Inspriation. Incentive.


Motivation is the only thing you need in life.


Starting off real deep today.


“I thought all you need is love,” said someone. Not exactly. Love IS motivation…but I’ll get there.


I’ve been thinking a lot about motivation. Where does it come from? Why is it so hard to get sometimes? Where does it go when you lose it?


Perhaps each day we wake up with a certain allotment of motivation and we get to choose where to invest it. Maybe we spend a certain percentage in getting out of get out of bed. We need some (or a lot) of motivation to go to work. Motivation is a necessity in making relationships work. I contribute a large motivational sum in telling my toddler it’s time for bed…


“Adulting” requires a lot of our daily motivational deposit. These are likely things we HAVE to do and things we LOVE to do. For example:


I kind of hate to shower. Yes, I know…I can’t believe I’m admitting it out loud. Rarely do I have a shower without the company of two ticking time bomb monitors, someone pressing their nose against the glass, or a toddler tantrum on the bath rug.  I don’t really want to take a shower unless I’m alone with no obligations beyond the shower pan. Which is never…but you can’t “never” take a shower (haha, sounds a little redneck…but I’m leaving it in there). So I muster up some motivation because I HAVE to. Sure, you can get by with dry shampoo for awhile (awhile has different meanings to different women), but a shower is inevitable. Ya gotta do it for health and social reasons!


I’m not an awesome cook, so dinner has always been a challenge for me. Cue the pizza! We used to order A LOT of food…easy and yummy. After starting my weight loss journey, I realized this wasn’t going to work because of the insane amount of calories from the types of foods we were eating. I needed to find some motivation to make food at home, HEALTHY food nonetheless. Luckily, I didn’t have to look too hard to find the motivation because I LOVE how impressed my husband gets when I try something new (even if it’s not as delicious as Taco Bell)! I’m motivated to keep experimenting and keep trying to make us a tasty AND healthy meal!


I made this!!!


So, how do you become motivated to do something you don’t need to do or love to do? You FIND ways to need it or love it.


Exercise is not something that a lot of people think they need or think they love. Sure, everyone knows that exercise is “good” for you, but do you really NEED it? Yes. Even if I’m super skinny and hot? Yes! Can someone really LOVE exercise? Yes. How/Why? Well, I’ll tell you! I’ve provided a list of things that you may need to get from exercising or love to have from exercising…maybe these things can justify a withdrawal from your daily motivation allotment for a workout!


Motivation to Need Exercise


Enhanced Brain Function

Exercise raises oxygen levels in the brain which means memory is improved and learning ability is increased.  I can barely remember what day of the week it is…anything to boost memory is a bonus in my book!



Working out increases endorphins, which are a natural hormone in the brain and nervous system that trigger a positive feeling in the body and help you cope with pain and stress. I don’t know about you, but the word endorphins reminds me of dolphins…and dolphins are way cool.


Better Sleep

The National Sleep Foundation states that exercise can help you sleep better at night (just don’t exercise right before bed!) Sleeping is probably my second favorite thing…quality sleep is my favorite (besides being with my loved ones of course)!


Live Longer

WebMD says that exercise can help you live longer by keeping your organs and bones healthy, lowering chances of diseases and cancers, lowering blood pressure, and managing chronic conditions.  This is super important! I am so jazzed to watch my kiddos grow up…I’d like to be there in person, not as a ghost 😉


More Energy

Who doesn’t need more energy? I have a whole post about it here (and the tips work even if you don’t have kids).


Weight Management

Whether you need to gain weight or lose weight, exercise can help manage the pounds. Controlling weight reduces health problems and improves quality of life.


Motivation to Love Exercise



Exercise can help you feel better about your body, your energy level, and your health. I don’t know anyone who doesn’t love a good dose of confidence!



Becoming stronger, faster, and healthier can make you feel a sense of accomplishment. Reaching goals will often push you to make new ones to continually improve yourself!



You can get your own squad of cheerleaders when you take care of your body! No, you aren’t going to get the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders…I’m talking family and friends telling you how awesome you look or how mindful you are of what you consume, and applauding your healthy lifestyle. It’s amazing encouragement, and can keep you moving forward!


Good Example

Living a healthy lifestyle can be influential to those around you. Whether it’s your significant other, kids, or neighbors,YOU can influence them to make positive changes in their lives! It’s incredible and inspiring to see others join alongside you in your fitness journey.



When you start exercising AND stick with it, you will see healthy results! You’ll WANT to keep seeing results and become dedicated to your workout routines!


So now that you’re equipped with some ideas on how to need or love exercise, do you have some motivation to workout? What motivates you?!


Oh, sorry. I still don’t know where motivation goes when you lose it…but I’ll be on the lookout!





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6 thoughts on “Motivational Workout Inspiration: Incentive to Exercise

    1. Sticking to it is extremely tough…especially because it takes time to see results! Yard work totally counts…I substitute it for a run on weekends sometimes!! Keep it up, often times our daily activities can be transformed into an exercise activity! I do A LOT of exercising while cleaning!

  1. I really need to exercise. I feel like there’s never any time. Or I feel exhausted and can’t find the motivation. It does need to be a priority.

    1. It is SO hard to find time…and frankly sometimes we just don’t have enough! Hopefully you can find something you love or need with exercising, and start a new fitness journey! I have a couple of posts that might help…it was, and still is tough for me, too…but I’ve learned a lot!! We can do it!!

  2. I badly need a bestfriend to get me motivated. It frustrates me when I don’t see results. Thanks for sharing this. Indeed what i needed.

    1. It’s definitely nice to have friends to help along the way! Results can take awhile which is super frustrating, but they will come with time and effort! Best of luck on your fitness journey, you can do it!

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