Simple Decrees to be the King/Queen of Eating Clean

Eating healthy is hard…and I think it boils down to this…BAD FOOD TASTES AWESOME! Why can’t celery taste like French fries? Peas should be like M&M’s. Who said that kale wasn’t supposed to have a delicious donut after-taste? As much as I want to yearn for carrots instead of a Taco Bell burrito, I’m just not there yet. I’m not sure if I will ever be one of those people that prefers healthy food to unhealthy food.


However, I do prefer the benefits of eating healthy food.


It’s good for fueling your body, providing adequate nutrients, and managing weight. What more could you ask for? A pint of ice cream, that’s what!


I am definitely not the queen of eating clean, but I’m like the princess. As the princess, I’m learning to make eating healthy EASY! I’ve made a royal declaration of dos and don’ts on how to simplify and maintain a healthy eating lifestyle. And since I’m a benevolent noblewoman, I will share them with you!





Tentatively plan out your meals for the week. Generally, I make the same damn thing every week…because I know the calorie count and it’s easy. Mostly because it’s easy. Chicken with a marinade, stuffed peppers, Fajitas, salad, salmon. I usually try to plan one NEW meal that is healthy and different…because who knows, maybe it’s easy and delicious, too!


ONLINE GROCERY SHOPPING! I’m not sure who actually likes to go to the grocery store in person, but it is one of my least favorite places. Each aisle contains a plethora of enticing treats, ESPECIALLY if you are feeling a bit peckish. Why expose yourself to the temptation? Many stores now offer online grocery shopping…Walmart, King Soopers, Amazon, Safeway (just to name a few). You simply order your food online, they collect and bag your items, and you pick it up! Some stores will even DELIVER for you. It’s an ingenious way to save time, get exactly what you need, and avoid that grocery store temptation! (Also, if you have young kids you can avoid that grocery store tantrum…which many of us have come to know and love.)


Keep extra healthy food on hand for snacks. Have a few choices for these healthy items so you don’t get burned out on them. Greek yogurt, nuts, fruit, veggies.


If you’re going to a social function at a restaurant, try to do some research beforehand! Many restaurants provide nutritional facts for their meals. Pick one that won’t ruin your healthy lifestyle progress and make you feel like garbage. Sometimes you can modify a meal to be a little bit healthier (like substituting burger buns for lettuce buns)…still getting what you want without sacrificing your calorie intake! If you’re going to a social function at someone else’s house…check out these tips!




Don’t have bad food in your house. I’m super good at hiding delicious treats. So good that nobody can find them except for me. Then I’ll sneak these treats, and nobody even knows. This is CHEATING! Prevent the sneaking around with bad food by getting it out of the house!


If you go to the grocery store, have a list and STICK TO IT! Don’t loiter in the aisles for goods, because there are LOTS of really good goods to choose from, and sometimes these goods aren’t that good for you. Going in with a plan of attack will prevent you from being attacked by bad goods. Sound good?


Don’t slack…track your food! The only way to know if you’re eating healthy is to record everything you eat! Sounds kind of a little obsessive or annoying or unnecessary, but it REALLY helps. Establish a calorie budget, input your food, and keep track of what you’re putting in your body…you may be surprised!


Don’t forget that it’s ok to eat that donut sometimes. It’s not the end of the kingdom.


I hereby decree that you are now informed of the dos and don’ts of healthy eating. You’re officially healthy eating royalty!


How do you simplify eating well? Anything we should add to the dos and don’ts?



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8 thoughts on “Simple Decrees to be the King/Queen of Eating Clean

    1. I hope they help! It is such a struggle, but definitely make you feel better in the long run!

  1. I am interested in clean eating so this was very helpful to me. I find when I shop for food online it is harder to buy junk food so that was a great tip.

    1. Online grocery shopping is revolutionary! I love it, it definitely takes a lot of the temptation out of it for me too!

  2. You had me right from the start – eating healthy is hard 😂😂 so true but the benefits are outstanding. I love being able to feel my best when I eat clean, it’s immediate results as far as my mood and not lagging around. Never thought to track my food. Good idea! It’s a struggle forreal.

    1. Seriously, you’re right! Your body feels WAY better when you fuel it with the right things! Yes, tracking food has been a game changer for me…it’s very interesting to see what is actually in the food you eat. Apparently cheesy gordita crunches aren’t that great for you…I never would have known without my food tracking app 😉

    1. LOL yes I wish that was how it was! It’s all about making those good things taste as good as bad things!

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