About Me


My name is Erica. I’m a wife, mom of two, and like to be not fat. I’ve always been an averaged size person with a roller coaster relationship with diet and exercise. Can anyone relate?! Maybe its a bold assumption, but I’m under the impression that this is most people’s lives…figuring out a balance between discipline and YOLO.

I played sports growing up, got out of sports in college (unless beer and Top Ramen is a sport), got into running after college, and got out of running when I got married. I got pregnant with my first and had gestational diabetes…so I didn’t gain an obscene amount of weight and got relatively back to normal, though still overweight. I got pregnant with my second 9 months after my first (which was a bit of a surprise) and didn’t have the diabetes, so I ate approximately one million pounds chocolate and fast food….yuuuum.

What could be worse than losing post baby weight? Losing a lot of post baby weight. At the peak of my second pregnancy I weighed 212 lbs. At my 6 week postpartum appointment I weighed 190 lbs despite keeping up my terrible eating habits and lack of exercise. Which just goes to show that being a mom in general is hard work…and burns calories! In January, the time had come to whip myself into shape and I took an official resolution start weight of 184 lbs.

I just weighed in this morning…down 22lbs in two and half months! It is HARD, but it has been soooo GOOD! It has been good for my self-esteem, health, wardrobe, family, budget…and I’m so jazzed that I want to keep pushing myself, learning, and making progress towards my fitness goals!

After my first was born, I quit my engineering job after I tried going back. I didn’t think I was going to be THAT woman that cried because she missed her baby…COME ON!! I guess sometimes a girl changes after housing a tiny human for 40 weeks. I’m so incredibly lucky to be able to stay home with my littles, who are obviously perfect angels and let me work out whenever I want. Haha, just kidding…but I’m learning how to balance their daily needs with mine…especially as they grow and change.

This blog’s purpose is to make sure I stay on track. I need help and motivation from a solid community of moms, workout wizards, and nutritional know-it-alls! I ask that you join up with me and work towards being the best and hottest mothers to walk the aisles of Target and try not to buy everything.

Let’s be the boss mamas we are and spank this baby fat until it obeys. I don’t like anything about that sentence, but it’s all I got right now.

We got this!