What is YOUR fit Goal?

My sisters and I always get pajamas on Christmas Eve. Traditionally, we open them up, mix and match, and trade to get the patterns/colors we like the best. This past Christmas I was three months postpartum and enjoying my ride on the all-you-can-eat lazy train. There was one set of pjs a size larger than the others…and I claimed them…

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5 Steps to Begin Your Weight Loss Journey

Starting any kind of diet/lifestyle change for weight loss is hard. Who wants to willingly reduce their intake of Taco Bell and beer? After my second baby, I had lots of baby fat. This baby fat loved all the fast food, had a serious Starbucks addiction, and disliked stairs with a fiery passion. This baby fat had all the excuses…

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Welcome to BabyFat Blogging!

Hello from BabyFat Blogging! Thank you for checking out my blog about postpartum fitness (getting rid of that baby fat) and lifestyle. I post about my personal experiences in hopes that someone will benefit from my successes and not so successful moments…whether it’s training, temptations, or tantrums! I decided to start blogging after losing 22lbs since the New Year. Whaaaaat?…

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